Product Spotlight After many years of development, Sy-Klone is pleased to announce the introduction of brushless motors for their 12v and 24v RESPA and XLR Systems.   The brushless motors offer the following benefits: Longer motor life Warranty is extended to 3 years from date of purchase regardless of run time hours The motor is protected against over voltage by an integrated over-voltage circuit Superior perfor..
On March 31,2016, Sy-Klone International has launched the XLR™ Powered Precleaner™, The revolutionary engine air precleaner that is 99.99% efficient on ISO fine test dust. Designed for the most severe agriculture and industrial dust environments, the XLR Powered Precleaner is more efficient in removing dust than most engine filtration systems. The Powered Precleaner dramatically extends service intervals on intake filtration and does no..