Cab Air Quality System

Sy-Klone’s patended Cab Air Quality products are economical and cost effective at providing clean air to your HVAC system. Protect operator health, dramatically extend filter life, lengthen the life of your HVAC system and cab electronics with our powerful and unique products.

Designed for Cabs and Other Enclosures, Sy-Klone's Cab Air Quality products have been proven in Mining, Waste, Forestry and Agriculture.

Ejects >90% of dust and debris before filtering to EN1822 HEPA H13 (P3) air quality!

How it works


1. Particulate-laden air enters the precleaner inlet.
2. The fan creates a tornado-like spinning motion, whipping the air and particulate to the outside wall as it approaches the fan blades.

3. Spinning air accelerates as it passes through louvers, further enhancingcentrifugal forces powerful enough to affect particle separation down to 5

Continuous flow

4. Particulate is spun against the outside wall of the device and propelled rapidly around the filter to the rear of the device in one continuous flow of air.
5. >90% of particulate down to 5 micron is ejected back into the environment through the ejection ports at the rear of the device.

6. Precleaned air passes through the filter and is filtered according to EN779 (P2) or EN1822 (P3) standards and continues to the outlet.

Self-cleaning filter

The Respa®-CF continuously ejects >90% of dust and debris down to 5 micron before filtering the air!

The RESPA-CF is designed to act as a pressure release valve that converts vibrations and pressure fluctuations into filter cleaning events by allowing the filter to flex, thereby releasing arrested particulate back into the filter housing to be ejected, thus lowering filter restriction and extending filter life.

Unlike any previous technology, the entire filter housing remains essentially particulate-free.

Add intelligence

To maintain proper function, all pressurized cabs should have a pressure monitor. This alerts the operator to both increased exposure to contaminants and conditions that burden the HVAC system.

Sy-Klone's easy to install Electronic Pressure Monitor System gives you real-time information on cab pressure, when to change filters in your Respa® system, can be connected to remote telemetry systems, and is approved by most regulatory agencies.

Our High Standards Meet THEIR Standards too!

Sy-Klone's Electronic Pressure Monitor System meets or exceeds pressure monitoring device compliance standards for:

  • CE Compliant (EU)
  • Canadian OSHA
  • EN15695 (EU Agricultural Sprayer Cab Category 3-4 Cabs)
  • MSHA underground mining applications (USA)
  • AIOH (Australian Institute of Occupational Hygenists)
  • Health Safety Executive recommended device (UK-AG7, CN8, CN11)


Measuring only 49x26x26 cm and with its rotatable air outlet, the Respa®-CF can be mounted almost everywhere, horizontally or vertically!

Applications include all enclosed operator cabs in all environments, Environmentally controlled spaces, Power Generation and Distribution and more!


  • Protect Operator health.
  • Increase Operator comfort and productivity.
  • Increase uptime.
  • Decrease operational cost.
  • Maintain cab pressurization.

Replacement filters

Part numbers
FEFF108 / FEFF008 / 341-8392 (CAT)

EN779 class F9 (P2) / ASHRAE 52.2 MERV 16
ejective filter for the Respa-CF.

FEFF109 / FEFF009
EN779 class F9 (P2) / ASHRAE 52.2 MERV 16
extended length, ejective filter for the Respa-CF.

Our EN779 class F9 / ASHRAE 52.2 MERV 16 certified filters are highly effective in all applications where respirable dust is present such as: Mining, Agriculture, Demolition, Construction, Waste, Indoor Recycling.
FEFF118 / FEFF018 /
450-3029 (CAT)
EN1822 class HEPA H13 (P3) / ISO-29463-1 ISO35H
Ejective filter for the Respa-CF.

FEFF119 / FEFF019
EN1822 class HEPA H13 (P3) / ISO-29463-1 ISO35H
extended length, ejective filter for the Respa-CF.

Our EN1822 class HEPA H13 / ISO-29463-1 ISO35H certified filters are highly effective in all applications where carcinogenic materials are present such as in Nuclear Clean-up and working with friable Asbestos

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