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Engine Air Precleaners

Air filter life is directly related to the amount of debris ingested through an engine's air intake.Installing a Sy-Klone Series 9000® Air Precleaner as the first stage of an air intake system prevents >80% of dust and debris down to 5 micron from entering the system.

Keeping dust and debris off the filter results in longer air filter life, more efficient engine performance and decreased maintenance expenses.

The Series 9000® are Rugged, Self-Cleaning, Routine Maintenance-Free and applicable to air intake systems in construction, mining, forestry, landfill & waste, farming & agriculture, military, highway and more!

How it works

Stap 1: Air enters the underside of the dome through screened louvers.  This prevents clogging by blocking any particles larger than the ejection slot from entering the unit.

Stap 2: Curved particle-accelera-tor blades push dirt against the sidewall.

Stap 3: Strakes (angled ?ns) along the interior surface move heavier-than-air debris towards the ejection slot.

Stap 4:  Clean air continues to swirl down into the engine air inlet pipe.

The Series9000® are made of a Rugged engineered polymer construction which gives you the strength of steel (without the corrosion) at the cost of plastic and expel all types of mixed debris, including mud, snow, rain, leaves, sawdust, cha?, and dust.


Mounts on all vertical and horizontal air cleaner housings, on all machines, replacing tube body systems or internal precleaners.


  • Extends air filter life.
  • Lowers cost per operating hour by reducing parts, labor and downtime.
  • Increases uptime.
  • Extends engine life.
  • Lowers air restriction which increases useable horsepower and improves fuel efficiency.
  • Easy to install.
  • Claims against our warranty are practically non-existent.

We offer nine models in sizes from 2” to 8“ with a range from 0.28 - 39.64 m3/min and much higher with multiple-unit installations; contact us for more details


Models & Cross references

Series 9000®

CAT Turbine Precleaner

Fleetguard Air Precleaner

John Deere
Rotary Ejector Air Precleaner
9000 -
AP8407 -
9000R 143-7753 AP8408 TY24859
9001 130-3279 AP8403 AT220930
9001R 070-0195 AP8409 TY24861
9002 130-3280 AP8404 AT184015
9002R 070-0107 AP8410 TY24863
9003 130-3281 AP8405 T24864, AT224834
9004 130-3282 AP8406 TY24865
9005 343-5645 AP8421

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