xlr powered precleaner

XLR™ for impossible dust problems

Air filters are essential to engines and the air that these engines ‘breathe’ needs to be as clean as possible. The XLR™ Powered Precleaner™ removes 99.99% of ISO 5011 fine test dust which makes it up to 50 times more efficient than your OEM airfilter!

With the addition of power, there is zero restriction up to 3.7 m3/min (130 CFM) and even 7.5 m3/min (260 CFM) with a Dual Installation.

This Precleaner is the most effective “impossible dust environment” engine precleaner ever invented.

Unlike an ordinary Precleaner, this system works from idle engine speed to maximum power!


This XLR™ is the most effective engine air Precleaner ever invented.

  • The XLRTM filter will last 5 to 50 times longer than your original OEM air filter.
  • You will never have to replace your OEM filter again!
  • Considerably less equipment down time.
  • Increased productivity and effective working hours.
  • Contributes to a prolonged engine life time.
  • Works optimal throughout the entire RPM range from idle engine speed to maximum power!

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