Powered Precleaner

Designed for custom filtration applications including traditional Cab Pressure Filter Systems, Server Rooms, Electrical Cabinets or as a Precleaner for your Cab Air Filter.

Our revolutionary Powered Precleaner incorporates patented technology for advanced particle separation, providing precleaned air by ejecting >92% of dust and debris without adding any airflow resistance!

How it works

First ejection cycle - 80% ejection of particles down to 5 micron .
  1. Debris-laden air enters the primary ejection chamber.
  2. Debris particles are accelerated outward by centrigugal forces. The particles then ride along the outer wall of the ejection chamber.
  3. When the debris reaches the ejection port, it is expelled back into the atmosphere.

Second ejection cycle +12% ejection down to 5 micron
  1. Air is accelerated as it passes through louvers, further enhancing the debris-separating forces.
  2. Finer debris is then stratified in the secondary ejection chamber.
  3. When the fine debris reaches the ejection port, it is expelled back into the atmosphere.
  4. Clean air continues into the air filter housing.


The GideonĀ® can be mounted in any plane, horizontally or vertically, as long as the ejection ports are NOT facing straight up (due to water intrusion). Can be installed on a variety of different types of machines.


  • Filter life extension reduces costs - some gain as much as 10-20x filter life.
  • Extends maintenance intervals which lowers cost per operating hour.
  • Powered precleaner adds no resistance to airflow - air is pushed by precleaner rather than pulled by fan motor.
  • HVAC system receive only precleaned, filtered air, avoiding main reason for repair.
  • Lengthens intervals between system maintenance.

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