Fuel Treatment

Due to EN-590 and FAME diesel fuel standards your fuel has become a breeding ground for bacteria, microbes, yeast and molds. Common rail engines are very sensitive for this type of contamination which is the leading cause for corrosion, malfunctioning and mechanical failure of the fuel pump and injector system.

Micro-Separator® offers a range of fuel treatment products which will help solve and prevent engine related problems caused by fuel contamination, pollution, the supply of poor quality fuel and water in fuel.

Oil Treatment

Cleaner lubrication oil in combustion engines extend the life of engines.

  • • Remove, dirt, metals and other particles up to 5 microns.
  • • Reduce oil consumption
  • • Increase life of engine oil filter
  • • Better engine performance
  • • Reduce engine wear
  • • Reduce frequency of oil change intervals, maintenance and repairs
  • • Simple to service!


Increase equipment up-time, lower maintenance costs, increase filter life, prolong maintenance intervals, reduce engine failures and malfunctioning, prevent pollution and water in fuel contamination.




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